Sugar Daddy Gift Guide

November 27, 2018

Sugar Daddy Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to show your Sugar Baby how much they mean to you. We at Boxed Secrets want to help foster intimacy in the relationships you value , so we’ve put together a creative, non-traditional gift guide that will ideally surprise and delight all the dependents in your life. Boxed Secrets has done all the thinking for you and put together a fabulous collection of items guaranteed to give you points.

7) Fitness Membership

fitness class

Give a gift that increases your loved one’s physical wellbeing, mental health and emotional energy!  A fitness membership, month-long classes or a teaser series is a practical yet creative alternative to a material gift. Plus- you get to reap the benefits of your Sugar Baby’s new found confidence ;)

Pro-tip: Have your Sugar Baby take a sexy fitness class like Pole Dancing or a Twerking Workshop! This way, you can bring the fitness back into the bedroom!

Warning: If your Sugar Baby is self-conscious about their fitness habits, weight or overall outward appearance- this gift has the possibility to be misconstrued as rude or passive agressive- so proceed with caution and be sensitive to your Sugar Babies’ feelings!

6)  Gifts that Spice Up the Bedroom

We love giving gifts that give back! Sex toys and accessories are a great way to increase intimacy between you and your Sugar Baby. Plus- it let’s them know you prioritize their sexual pleasure and have been fantasizing about them when you’re out together. Some of our favorite products are Nuru Guru and Wicked Sensual Care lubricant, [Toy we have used in our boxes]. Seven til’ Midnight and Baci Lingerie, sexy and adorable pasties by Pastease, the self-explanatory Lapdance Shoes, and Vigorelle Libido Enhancement to heat up the bedroom.

Pro-tip: Try purchasing a shared sex toy- like The Couples Rabbit or WeVibe- toys specifically designed to be worn by her during intercourse and add vibrational pleasure for all parties.

Warning: If you and your Sugar Baby have a primarily sexual relationship, you may want to lean on purchasing something more sentimental, to show that you’re invested emotionally as well.

5) Get To Know You Games

sex games

With your busy schedules, try a gift that will give you both g a crash course on eachother. We recommend The Love Game- a game designed for intimacy acceleration that’s renowned for encouraging couples to “fall in love overnight.” If you’re not looking for an overnight love affair, That’s What She Said is a fun and twisted game of innuendos or the adult-themed Midnight Taboo.

Pro-Tip: Add extra incentive to playing this game- winner gets a shopping trip or a vacation to Maui. Let your Sugar Baby win and SPOIL.

Warning: Games are fun. Mind games however are only fun if they are mutually desired. Games are a great expression of playfulness, but by weary of letting the game get off the board.

4) Luxury Skincare Products


2019 is the year of self care. And sometimes it’s hard to spend money on ourselves. But your Sugar Babies skin deserves the best! Help them glow and practice their own self-care with some luxury skincare products they might not have picked up otherwise. Some trending, highly-rated products right now are Glossier serums, Shisedo and La Mer moisturizing creams and La Prarie Skin Caviar. Indulge! Indulge! Indulge!

Pro-tip: If you’re unsure about what exactly to get your Sugar Baby, try getting a Skincare Set- like Glossier serum super-pack or Murad’s many skincare ritual kits.

Warning: If your Sugar Baby is insecure about the state of their skin, getting them skincare products could potentially be a more harmful gesture than sweet one. Know your Sugar Baby!

3) Get Personal

personalized wine gift

Now that we can purchase practically anything on the internet- we have much more choice as a consumer. In fact, we have so much choice that we can buy a bottle of wine with a personalized message or our name in beautifully laid font on it! This holiday season, get your Sugar Baby something really personal. Whether it’s a personalized necklace, a monogrammed bathrobe or a bottle of wine etched with their name and a design on it- showing that you want to provide your Sugar Baby with luxury, a very special luxury.

Pro-tip: It’s best to buy this gift with a few weeks of wiggle-room, as many monographing services take longer to make and ship.

Warning: Make sure you know how to spell…

2) All-Inclusive Getaways


Get your Sugar Baby (and yourself) a getaway without all the tedious planning. Groupon Getaways have new deals everyday! Whether it’s a weekend getaway, wine tasting or a two-week trip to Thailand, these trips cover everything- including airfare. While there is structure in these trips, there is also tons of freedom for you and/or your Sugar Baby to explore. Check out some deals here,

Pro-tip: Buy your Sugar Baby a getaway solo trip! While it’s always fun to take a trip together, it’s a thoughtful gesture to let your Sugar Baby know that you care about their well-being and independence.

Warning: Not every Groupon or other coupon-based services vets all the companies that they make deals with- so check reviews before buying your Sugar Baby a 10-Day Walking Tour of China.


subscription gift

We would be doing everyone a disservice if we didn’t at least flaunt our amazing subscription box (and of course a few others, too). At Boxed Secrets we offer either a monthly or quarterly subscription of lubricant, lingerie, sex toys, smart jewelry, beauty products and more! This is the perfect gift to give your Sugar Baby, as you can reap the benefits that come with this sexy subscription, month after month.


Aside from Boxed Secrets, there are a lot of convenient and fun subscription services- ranging from high-end beauty and makeup boxes like Birch Box, or fresh and organic grocery boxes like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. There are subscription boxes for every person! From wine lovers to Murder Mystery nerds.


Pro-tip: Get your Sugar Baby multiple subscription services- prioritize convenience and excitement!

Warning: If your Sugar Baby needs to keep your relationship private, having them receive mystery subscription services at their home may raise eyebrows, and you wouldn’t want to put them in a potentially unsafe situation.


Be the best Sugar Daddy or Mommy and SPOIL your Sugar Baby this season! Happy Holidays from Boxed Secrets.

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