Why Sex Work Should Be Legal

October 04, 2018

Why Sex Work Should Be Legal

One thing a lot of people have been wondering about lately is this new FOSTA/SESTA law. It is a very bad law that started with good intentions. No one wants to think of anyone being forced into the sex trade in any capacity, and they read about sites like Backpage going offline and Craigslist removing the adult section and wonder what's going on. Most people using sites like that were consenting adults. Many find it hard to believe anyone would willingly sell their body and be ok with it, but it happens, and more often than you'd think.

Many countries have come to recognize that legalizing sex work makes it safer for those that are involved in it. They do not need to be walking the streets, at the mercy of pimps, a lot more chances of getting roughed up by clients, how anyone could think that is better than a girl that chooses to be an escort placing an ad on a classifieds site and meeting potential clients she can then screen, well, it simply makes no sense at all. People were trafficked and forced into the sex trades long before the internet, but classifieds sites made things a lot safer and easier for girls that choose to earn their living that way. Not everyone is doing that work against their will, not by a long shot.

As long as the people buying and selling their time and services are of legal age, they are really hurting no one whatsoever and it's absurd to make that a crime. It's perfectly legal for a woman to let a man buy her dinner, take her to the theater, have him pay for it all and then sleep with him, this is a date. Yet the couple of hundred dollars he spent on dinner and drinks and theater tickets cannot be directly given to her, skip the dinner, drinks and theater, and go right to the sex. This makes no sense at all. People really have no right to impose their morals on others, it just doesn't work. Making sex work illegal does not prevent it whatsoever, it's not called the worlds oldest profession for nothing. All it does it make things risky and unsafe for the women, the very women these laws were hoping to protect, they are now worse off than before such laws were passed.

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