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Our founder, Paris Palazzo, spent many years as a luxury companion and knows just how much time, effort, and money it takes to keep a good appearance as well as good overall health. Behind the scenes a lot goes into smooth skin, luscious lashes, flawless makeup, a voluptuous booty, sexy outfits, and everything else desirable for one in the adult industry. Constant thought and preparation must be made to make sure all key products are stocked up and ordered on time. The actual amount of money spent is ungodly and definitely puts the high in maintenance. Heaven forbid one should space ordering these essentials on time or enough of them and have to cancel a date! Looking back, Paris says she could only dream there had been a box that came every month with all the essentials she needed and would save so much time and money. From this, the 50 Shades Box was born.

A few words from Paris to You:

As Daddy always said, play by the rules of reciprocity and you can have whatever your heart desires. It's all about give and give, not give and take as most are brought up believing. It's only after you realize your value that you'll start to attract those who also value you most. Never be sorry for wanting to elevate your position in life with your beauty or anything else you possess that someone else desires of you. Remember beauty is not just defined by a mirror but how you treat others. With that being said, appearance and health is not only highly valued but is perhaps your greatest asset, so remember the more you spend on yourself the more you can have. In other words, once you become the best, you can have the best. YOU are your biggest and best investment! You're beautiful and no one deserves this more than you ~ XO 

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