Q: Who Is This Box For?

Anyone who is sexually liberated and enjoys high quality products. You don't have to be an activist or femanist to love what's in the box, those are just some of our core values. We are gender inclusive as well so regardless of how you identify yourself you may enjoy what we include. Many in the adult industry really enjoy this box because it saves them so much time and money by providing many of the products they already use. These are items many females love and enjoy also and may never have been introduced to before. This is a great box to share with your partner as well.

Q: What products can I expect?

Each month we provide a different theme with a wide variety of essentials from health, beauty and sexual pleasure products. Even though each box is different with new products we have links on the Individual Products page to all the products that were previously featured so you can continue to purchase them individually after the box is no longer available. We love changing things up so you're not getting a bunch of the same things every other month.

Q: When can I expect my order to arrive after I purchase?

This will depend on the time of month your order was placed. Boxes go out at the end of each month. If the order is made after our cutoff date, the 10th of the month, you won't receive your box until the end of the following month. If your box was purchased after the 10th you'll receive it at the end of two months later. You may be signed up for a recurring membership which means you might see two charges before you ever receive your first box. This is how the cycle is commonly processed with subscription services. (Example: If you order July 3rd, you can expect your box to ship out the end of August and you'd be getting the August box. If you order July 11th, you won't get a box until September) 

Q: If I don't like something in the box, can I return it or exchange it?

No, not unless it is defective, then we will exchange it for a new one of the same kind. (read our shipping & returns page for more information about this as well as terms & conditions).

Q: Can I purchase the box for someone else?

Yes! We offer an e-gift certificate. You use your payment information and their email address information and can send them a personalized note with the gift amount.

Q: What if I purchase a larger package and want to cancel after just one or two months?

You can cancel at anytime, however if you purchased a package and got the larger discount and want to cancel before the package is used up, then we have to pro-rate it at the regular price and cannot apply the discounts. 

Q: Will you ship to me internationally?

Yes, we do offer shipping worldwide. Shipping rates vary. If you are willing to pay the shipping price we are more than happy to send you our box. All shipping within the US are Free.


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