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Our boxes are available all the time and do not change, unlike other subscription boxes with cutoff dates and rotate items. We do have additional boxes we are working on that will get added to either our one time buys or recurring subscription boxes as they launch. We love helping women in the adult industry and will be offering exclusive discounts to members so be sure to sign up to the newsletter to get in on our best deals. We also will be featuring different entertainers and giving them recognition, if you're interested in being featured email us!

We encourage you to, but do not require you to create an account. By doing so you will be signed up for our Rewards Program and receive points for signing up, for your birthday, for all purchases made, and sharing our page with friends via social media or email. You will get emails when you receive points and once a month with your balance. You may choose when you'd like to use them and can apply them for additional discounts on top of package savings and current specials. 

If you love our box and are going to be sharing it with others who may also enjoy it then you should check out our Affiliate Program which will allow you to make 10% commission for every sale that comes through your custom link. The custom link is generated after your account is approved.

If we have not covered everything and you still have additional questions please feel free to fill out our Contact Us page, call or email our support team. 

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