How It Works

If you are new to subscription box services and want a play-by-play understanding of what to expect and how it all works we are here for you!

First you will choose which option suits you best. We offer a 1 Month box which is like a teaser that will allow you to get a great taste of whatever is in the featured box for the month, depending on when you make your order. Then we offer monthly subscription packages of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months that allow you to save more. We also have a Seasonal option that allows you to be on auto-pilot and receive your box every 3 months and experience a little something several times a year. The product details page shows all these options and the savings offered. You may also wish to purchase any of these options as a gift which you can also do on the same page by checking the box next to "Gift". Shipping is always Free in the United States, although Shipping Rates will apply anywhere outside of the US and prices depend on your location.

As for the timing of your purchase. We have a cutoff date each month of the 10th. If you order before the 10th, you will receive your box the end of the following month, so about 1-1/2 months wait time. Please be advised if you set up on a recurring payment you will see 2 payments come out before receiving your 1st box but then you will continue getting a box each month. If you order after the 10th of the month you will not receive your box the following month but rather another month yet after that, so 2 months later. We understand this does feel like a long time but is pretty standard in subscription based services and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

We encourage you to, but do not require you to create an account. By doing so you will be signed up for our Rewards Program and receive points for signing up, for your birthday, for all purchases made, and sharing our page with friends via social media or email. You will get emails when you receive points and once a month with your balance. You may choose when you'd like to use them and can apply them for additional discounts on top of package savings and current specials. 

If you love our box and are going to be sharing it with others who may also enjoy it then you should check out our Affiliate Program which will allow you to make 10% commission for every sale that comes through your custom link. The custom link is generated after your account is approved.

If we have not covered everything and you still have additional questions please feel free to fill out our Contact Us page, call or email our support team. 

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