Our Mission

We want this to be a safe and exciting place for a community of unashamed, sexually liberated, body positive, empowered and gender inclusive women without being so in your face about it. Within this group are activists, feminists, and sex industry workers as well as the girl next door who may not feel she has her own voice yet but enjoys the high quality products we provide. We want to save your valuable time and money by taking on the heavy lifting. Our subscription service creates an effortless & memorable experience as we pass down our savings to you and remove the hassle from labor-some shopping.

We are working with a variety of charity organizations who's core values align with ours. By combing efforts we believe we are adding value to all of us trying to pave the way for our own future as well as the generations to come who will be able to travel this path more pleasantly with grace and ease. We will donate $1 from every box sold to a different charity each month. We thank you for your support!

We will be updating the site regularly with these charity contributions and adding links to their sites so you can make additional donations if you'd like.

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